About Me

I’m an adventurous artist + gypsy nomad on a mission to help people rediscover the incredible beauty and magic in this world.

I’m a part-time explorer, traveling the US with my husband, Chip, our fluffy-tailed dog, Zeus, and two cat brothers, Brick and Bluey Blobbly.

I create art and happy mail to share the inspiration I gain from my travels and to help people beautify their world.

Letters from a Gypsy Explorer

Letters from a Gypsy Explorer

Stories + art + happy mail = Awesome!

Letters from a Gypsy Explorer are monthly notes and works of art sent via snail mail (totally old school!) about my adventures around the US.

Learn quirky facts, read funny stories and get cool art for yourself each month. Or give them as a gift!

beautiful things

Beautiful Things

I like to paint, draw, color, write, string beads, tie knots and do lots of other creative things.


Lots of people know me from my 100 Days of Painting project, in which I created 100 paintings in 100 days. Whew!

I’m currently working on a book about the 100 Days and all the amazing lessons I learned. Until then, you can see some of the beautiful things I’ve made in my shop.

Let’s be friends! You can find me over on Facebook most days, sharing pictures of my cats. ;)

All images and text ©Gennifer Carragher 2010-2014.