Hi! I’m Gennifer, an adventurous artist + barefoot wanderer on a mission to help people rediscover the beauty and magic in this world.

I live an unconventional lifestyle of freedom, adventure and creativity. I’m a part-time wandering vagabond who travels the US in a gypsy van with my husband, Chip, and our three furkids (2 cats + 1 dog).

I create art + classes that show people how to become masters of creativity, enlightened observers, and blissful spirits. 


gypsy van


My free time is spent performing creative experiments and leading creativity classes in and around my home base in North Carolina.


My goal is to have fun while helping awesome people like you:

  1. Grow your creativity through creative experimentation
  2. Discover how easy it is to live a life of adventure and freedom
  3. Find one of a kind works of art for you and your home


Wanna know more? Right this way, my friend.

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